Emotional Companion Dog

An emotional companion dog could be the best thing for you if you are suffering from an emotional disability. There are millions of people in America who are suffering and this type of disability can also include conditions such as stress, depression, and anxiety. Sometimes, the course of prescribed medication is not enough as it can’t provide the same relief that having an animal can. These support dogs are now becoming more popular and are the most common type of animal which gets prescribed to be an emotional support animal (ESA). If you are suffering from this type of disability or think you may be, then read on to learn about the process involved with getting an emotional pet and if you would qualify for one.

What is An Emotional Companion Dog?

These types of dogs are companion animals, and their purpose is to provide companionship to their owners. It’s the presence, love, and affection that they provide which can help their owners start to feel a reduction in the symptoms they experience from their disability. This is because a dog can provide a form of relief that no medicine can; a genuine bond with unconditional love. The bond that gets formed between these animals and their owners can result in the symptoms of a disability being significantly improved due to the persons quality of life increasing.

How Can I Get One?

If you have this type of disability or think that you do, then you need to go and book an appointment with a mental health professional. There are many types of conditions that could enable someone to get an ESA including anxiety, insomnia, stress, and anxiety. Once your appointment is underway, your condition will be assessed and the professional will determine if getting an ESA would significantly result in one or more of your symptoms being mitigated. If so, they will then issue you with a letter of approval stating that you’re their patient and you recommend they get an emotional support dog.

What Next?

Once you have your letter of approval you can go out and get any domesticated animal if you don’t have one already. It could be a dog, cat, mouse, bird, and many other types and it must be well-behaved and have good social skills. So long as it doesn’t pose a threat and can safely be in public and around people, you shouldn’t have too much trouble getting it approved. You could then register it if you want and look into getting other certificates of approval which can be for rental properties or air travel.
This separate certification can allow your ESA to live with you in a rental property, even if there is a no pet’s policy set by the owner. They must make reasonable accommodation for you and your companion can’t be charged a pet deposit. The letter for air travel allows your ESA to fly with you and the airline must also accommodate you and your animal. They aren’t allowed to refuse service to a disabled person or ask you about the extent of your disability. So click Here if you want to get your dog certified.